Friday, May 6, 2011

Biltong the South-African way!

Good evening guys.  What else in the world compares to biltong?? Uhm, nothing! Thats what.  Think of biltong as dried meat -because that is exactly what it is! Before our overseas friends frown in disgust give it a try! HERE GOES:

2 kg beef or venison (silverside, topside or such)(London Broil)
3 cups coarse salt (not table salt or sea salt but the big lumpy salt)
2 cups soft brown sugar
5 ml bicarbonate of soda (this softens the meat)
2.5 ml coarsely ground black pepper
12.5 ml coarsely ground roasted coriander seeds
1.5 cups brown vinegar mixed with 100ml Worcestershire sauce.

Cut the meat into strips of approximately 1cm thickness.
Layer in a bowl with the vinegar mix for ½ hour.
Mix all dry spices together.
Roll meat in the mixed dry spices in a CLEAN bowl.
Allow meat to draw in its own brine for 3 hours.(thicker pieces to the bottom)
Remove meat and put back into vinegar mix for +/- 10 minutes.
Remove again and wipe meat with same vinegar to make sure NO SALT sticks to the meat.
Squeeze meat with your hand to get rid of as much liquid as possible.
Hang until ready.


Before soaking the meat use half vinegar and half dry red wine or add 100 ml lemon juice to the vinegar/wine mixture. Before hanging make a mixture of ¼ coarsely ground black pepper and ¾ ground coriander. For those who like it HOT, sprinkle some peri-peri of your choice over the meat before hanging

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