Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Quick Savoury Tart Recipe!

Before I'm off to bed I thought I'd share a recipe on making a good old "SOUT TERT" this is also considered to be a savoury tart which is both easy to make and light on the pocket.  This contains a lot of sodium so avoid if sensitive to salt. Thank you mom for this recipe

Sout tert (Savory tart)
This is a South African recipe handed down through generations.
3 Eggs
2 cups of milk
2 slices bread
2 cups grated cheese
1 grated onion
Parsley/mixed herbs

Use one of the following:
Tuna, bacon, mushrooms or asparagus with the juice to make 1 cup of liquid.

Cut bread into squares. Mix all the ingredients together and pour into a greased dish. Sprinkle with a second cup of grated cheese. Cook for ½ hr at 180c.

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