Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jozi Night Life

JOHANNESBURG -The city of gold, Jozi, Egoli.  Yes Johannesburg goes by many names by many different people.  One thing all of these folk have in common is the love for the city's night life! This cosmopolitan city is brimming with excitement and has a very active night life!  Johannesburg is one of the many city's that make up the Gauteng province -South-Africa's smallest province with the most dense population.  If there is one dish to be named the meal of choice by all residents in Johannesburg I'd probably have to go with the......GARAGE PIE!!  Ha ha just kidding.  Lets rather make this about a restaurant of choice, as there is no particular meal of choice but rather a restaurant preferred by millions! This my friends would be Spur steak ranches.

They have it right when they say their clients have a taste for life as you don't get more adventurous folk than the "Valies" (People from Tansvaal).  For anyone not in the know Spur is where the whole family can just get together and relax. 

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